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An innovative system for real slate

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Readyslate is the first pre-assembled real slate roofing system developed and patented by CUPA GROUP, the global leaders in slate production.

Readyslate panels are composed of 6 high-quality, hand-quarried pieces of natural slate that are mounted on an SBS waterproof backer. Its modular design ensures complete waterproofing and seamless integration with most existing roof elements, even low pitch roofs.

Real slate, real simple

Discover the unparalleled advantages of Readyslate, a roofing solution like no other

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READYSLATE® panels are composed of real slate, which is considered to be the most durable of all roofing materials. The natural beauty of this element cannot be achieved with artificial alternatives.

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READYSLATE® panels are lightweight without losing strength and resistance. It has been patented and designed to comply with most building codes and roofing weight requirements.

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Easy to Install

READYSLATE® can be installed without specific traditional slate knowledge. Its design ensures there is no need for extensive slate experience, reducing the installation cost.

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Increases home value

READYSLATE® patented system provides considerable added value to any property. Incorporating real slate to your home increases the roof’s lifespan and enhances curb appeal.

Readyslate Modules

Its modular design ensures complete waterproofing and seamless integration with most existing elements, becoming one of the best solutions for any kind of building covering, even low pitch roofs.

READYSLATE patented modules are composed of two layers:

Support layer: Waterproofing membrane composed of a non-woven polyester felt reinforcement and covered with SBS modified bitumen.

Visible layer: High-quality, hand-quarried natural slate tiles are pre-drilled and pre-scored to simplify the installation process.

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