5 Gorgeous Slate Roofing Projects

Slate roofing has been a reliable choice since the castle-building days. Favored for both classic restorations as well as modern statement buildings, slate remains a quality material with the long-lasting reliability and gorgeous appearance high-end contractors seek. Here are 5 more slate roof inspirations for your next project:

1. Slate Roofing on Dallas Mansion

slate roofing

Homeowners spared no expense when constructing this mansion-inspired home in Livingstone, just outside of Dallas. As such, they wanted a reliable, long-lasting roofing material that would also ad a touch of classic beauty.

As such, they specialized a black slate roof. Made of unfading, weather-resistant material, natural slate roofs boast a lifetime of over 100 years and maintain their chic, timeless appeal. Accented by black balcony ornaments, the slate roof beautifully contrasts the marble-like facade and gives a regal touch to the home.

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2. French-Style Slate Roof in Copenhagen

slate roofing

This gorgeous, French-inspired building in Copenhagen recently got a touch-up with natural slate roofing tile. A fixture on one of the main shopping streets, the building’s mansard roof was in desperate need of refurbishment. Mansard roofs, also known as a French or curb roof, feature two slopes on each of its sides with dormer windows.

Non-fading slate roof tile was selected to replace the older slate, ensuring the roof will retain the same appearance throughout its life. Nicely complementing the opal facade, the dark slate affords a classic but bold appearance to the ornate building.

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3. Quaint Slate Roofing on Church Farm Cottage

slate roofing

This quaint farm cottage in the rural village of Privett, UK, got a high-end slate treatment when its roof needed repairs. Featuring a facade of sporadic red and white brick, the sturdy slate roof stands as a uniform addition that both complements and stands out. Natural slate tile roofing was specified so that all materials harmonized with the surrounding area.

Nigel Land of Skyline Roofing commented that he and his team were “very impressed” with the “superb slate”, adding that he had been in the roofing industry for 30 years. The owners of the cottage, as well, were “delighted with their new roof”.

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4. St. Mary’s Church Restoration

slate roofing

This beautiful house of worship in Tiffin, Ohio, was recently fitted with a gorgeous Dover Black slate roof. The church, boasting magnificent stained glass windows, natural stone siding and copper highlights, is a popular tourist destination. Originally constructed by Irish immigrants in 1831, it is the Diocese of Toledo’s oldest parish.

Restoration efforts aimed to restore St. Mary’s classic beauty. Taking Ohio’s severe weather conditions into consideration, natural slate tile was selected as a durable and long-lasting investment that only enhances the church’s character and charm.

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5. Modern Lodges at KP Golf Club

slate roofing

While hailed as a reliable restoration material, slate roofing has often been fitted to lend both strength and style to modern projects. These lodges at the luxury KP Golf Club in Yorkshire beautifully complement the surrounding trees, sleek slate tiles standing out against the wooden facade. Priding itself on its championship golf course, pro shop, bar and restaurant overlooking the Humber River, KP Golf Club spared no expense in constructing comfortable, long-lasting accommodations for their guests. Durable, fireproof, and resistant to freezing conditions, these lodges are prepared for any element.

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Mike Rule