Natural stone has been valued throughout the millennia for its sculptural and architectural qualities. American Slate takes pride in discovering the finest sources and bringing out the best in this remarkable building material.

Our unique quarry relationships and proprietary mining and finishing processes result in products that are harder, non-absorbent and more consistent in thickness, for unparalleled performance and ease of installation. Unlike lesser quality shale and schist products that are quarried near the surface, the product mined by American Slate is an ancient material, derived from deeper deposits formed hundreds of millions of years ago.

No two pieces of our natural stone are alike: each massive stone bears its own unique markings. Every piece reflects the personal pride of an American Slate master craftsman and has been worked by hand to its peak of beauty and performance. Singularity — the guarantee that every installation will be one-of-a-kind — is the charm of natural stone alone. It’s a quality no manufactured product can replicate and why American Slate is the perfect medium for creating distinctive spaces.

Quality Comes Down to the Source!

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